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Farming Technologies

This includes Supply and Installation of low cost customized green houses and Supply and installation of water systems and sustainable water use mechanisms such as water pads In collaboration with Meta Meta, Karf Aqua Engineering Solutions and Flex core Investments Ltd.


Organic Fertiliser

Mukuza Organic Fertiliser is our product made out of Animal waste and has proved to have very positive results on vegetable yield improvement and soil fertility. Majority of our customers have used it and it has greatly helped them achieve a boost in productivity.


Green House Sprouted Seedlings

A good harvest starts with a good plant material, healthy seedlings are therefore key to productivity improvement. Place Your Order Now


Fresh Organic Vegetables

Your health is your wealth, Our Fresh Vegetables are available in all quantities with a basic package starting at 5000ugx, this is exclusive of delivery costs. Place Your Order Now

Agri Combo

Call System

This is an offline farmers’ Platform where they get access to agriculture information, Value chain actors Linkages, Market information, extension services, trainings, farm visits through a Mobile phone Call and agent-based models. Subscribe today to be part of the biggest farmers’ Network.


Demo Micro and Macro Gardening

These are demonstrations of best Agronomic practices in different Agricultural husbandries aimed at practically demonstrating to the farmer and acting as benchmarks for different agricultural initiatives.