About Us

Bifriens Investments Ltd (BIF) is a company limited by shares and was formally registered on 21st October 2015. It leverages on technology (ICT) proliferation and physical planning aspects to demonstrate, provide information and products aimed at boosting Agriculture sustainably.

It thus develops low cost technologies and disseminates agronomic information aimed at small holder farmers appreciating Agriculture as a business.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Bifriens Investments Ltd in its three areas of Physical Planning, ICT and Agriculture operation directly contributes towards achieving Goals 1,2,8,9 and 11.

Approaches and Practices

Agri tech, Value chain Management, Landscape management, Soil Management, Crop Production, Water Management, Livestock Management, Energy management.

2019-2023 Road Map

Bifriens aims at revitalizing the Organic vegetable and Rabbit Farming value chains. This ranges from setting up satellite regional demonstrations, organizing farmers, Training and sharing Best practices both farm based and video mediated, Value addition, Local and international market logistics. This however will not halt research and innovations in other agriculture value chains.

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