Bifriens is embarking on proling and registration of farmers in the sub-counties of Bukuya, Makokoto and Kasaanda into the Agri-Combo data base. In the bid to upli agricultural production we are partnering with Singo People’s Development Trust Bank (SIPDET) and Mak Agro in implementation of the “Most Promising Option for Singo Farmers” (MPO4F) having special interests in Veterans, women and youth in Bukuya and Kasaanda.

Agricultural project monitoring & documentation of co-operatives, associations and youth projects running in Kyotera and Rakai District in partnership with Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was done in June, 2017.


We are operating and establishing apiaries for farmers in districts of Masindi, Mubende and Sheema in partnership with Honey Point Ltd and other private organizations. Our partnerships have enabled us add value to our farmers’ honey and has given birth to Crystal Natural Honey which is on market.

Through the skilling programs in collaboration with SIPDET our farmers have been in position to access agricultural credit backed with nancial literacy and agricultural information since November, 2016.

Bifriens is establishing a dairy demonstration farm in Kyangyenyi sub-county, Sheema District to be a model farm and a training site for area dairy farmers.


Bifriens in partnership with Crystal dynamics have availed a smart irrigation control system which operates in a smart fashion by knowing when and how to irrigate and fertilize by measuring the soil moisture content