Bifriens Investments Ltd uses the land use plan as a framework to propose the optimal physical infrastructure for a settlement or area, including infrastructure for public services, Agriculture, transport, economic activities, recreation, and environmental protection.

A critical area of Physical planning is how we decide to use and allocate our Land resource to support different activities.


At BIFRIENS INVESTIMENTS, we give a total Physical Planning package used to manage the
gross capital expenditures associated with Physical, Social and Economic assets of Government, Local authorities and farmers.

Our Physical Planning package constitutes;

  • Lobbying for resources to facilitate Planning. (Some of the activities under this include, conducting reconnaissance surveys, Proposal writing tailored to support Land use planning interventions, strategic partner scouting and partnership)
  • Spatial Planning Solutions. This entails production of Physical development Plans at different levels, (National, regional, District, Municipality, Town council and Sub-county). Our SMART planning solutions facilitate plan implementation and monitoring processes for urban authorities and specifically seeking opportunities to safeguard agricultural land.
  • Hazard, Climate Risk & Social Sector Mapping and Profiling using our GIS and ICT environment.
  • Mobile GPS use and hiring. We deploy and use the mobile GPS gather location-based field information and organize it into useful, effective spatial data bases visible in form of a Map. Hiring out GPS equipment is at very affordable rates. Additional packages with these services include; system set up, configuration, field data collection and spatial data analysis.
  • Training and capacity building in SMART planning. This program among others focuses on; organizational Policy Implementation, Project Planning, Monitoring and Review using appropriate Technologies like GIS and GPS. It targets a broad spectrum of clients including; Government, CSO’s, Private Sector, Individual Groups, International and regional development Agencies.