Here are some important tips that you should know concerning backyard gardening;

  • If you are new into gardening, look out for the right technical persons to guide you through.
  • Make the right selection of putting the vegetable garden
  • Purchase and have all the requirements e.g. Grow boxes, potting bags, manure, sand and seeds from certified companies etc.
  • Raise a nursery and prepare the soil medium for the grow boxes, sacs or potting bags
  • Transplant seedlings into the prepared media
  • Endeavor to carry out proper agronomical practices (Mulching, weeding, staking etc.)
  • Use integrated pest management so as to raise your plants
  • Strong plants are less likely to be attacked by pests. If you take good care of your vegetable garden, the plants will be strong and healthy.
  • Engage in making compost manure from your kitchen refuse and garden waste to boost soil quality
  • Spread your planting systematically to have a continuous flow of vegetables right from your backyard

Journey with us as we stir you into backyard gardening

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